How do the different plans work?

To make sure you never miss all of our delicious and unique boxes, your membership will automatically renew every month. The only way to stop receiving your boxes would be to cancel your subscription 

Monthly Subscribers: You will be charged to renew your plan on the first day of every month, unless you cancel. Just like any other subscription, you will not need to place a new order every month. Our cute red boxes will magically appear at your door step. 

6 month plan subscribers: For these subscriptions, you would prepay for your plan every 6 months. Just a heads up, if you decide to cancel your subscription in the middle of your plan you will still continue to receive our boxes. Feel free to let us know if you want to stop receiving our boxes.

Annual Plan subscribers: You're set for a whole year! We will charge you for all 12 months up front, and you won't have to worry about your membership at all.

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