How do I place an order for a Gift Subscription?

Everyone we know loves two things: food + presents. So why not put them both together. The items in the gift boxes are the same as our regular subscription boxes but the difference is that you, the gift giver will only be charged once.

Here's how you can quickly place a gift subscription order for anyone special in your life.

How to place an order for a Gift Subscription

  1. Got to
  2. Click on the Snackbox link
  3. Choose the box size you want to receive (Deluxe or Tasting)
  4. Select the option: gift for someone else
  5. Select the plan you wish to sign up for
  6. Register/Sign up for an Account
  7. Fill out the Payment/Shipping info
  8. Enter a Message to the recipient*
  9. Click Buy Now
  10. BOOM you're done!
*Only enter a message to the recipient if you want them to receive an email notifying them of the present. Otherwise, leave it blank.

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