How do I switch from a Deluxe box to a Tasting box?

Since we currently do not have a way to downgrade your plan, you’ll need to place a completely new order for the Tasting box through our SnackBox page. The steps are a bit different depending on if you already have an Active (on going) order or if it's still in Pending status.

Switching box sizes for Active orders

If you have an active order, you will need to cancel your current Deluxe box plan and then place another order. Your new Tasting box plan will start next month.

If you signed up for one of our prepaid Deluxe plans (6 month or Annual) you’ll need to reach out to to stop your shipments. 

Switching box sizes for Pending Orders

For Pending orders, since you haven't been charged yet, all you need to do is cancel your plan and then place another order. 

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