How many Gluten-free items will be included in this box?

There will be 10+ certified Gluten-free as well as naturally Gluten-free items. The items included in the box will be both single serve and full-size portions and may include snacks, ingredients, cooking mixes, beverages and more.

** Note about Manufacturer's Warnings: Some of the products we've chosen to include in our shipments carry shared facility warnings. We want you to know that we go to great lengths to ensure all the products we send you are entirely Gluten-Free & safe, and speak to our suppliers at length about manufacturing processes before selecting items. So when you see a shared statement on a Love With Food Gluten-Free Box selection, please know that we've spoken with the manufacturer and are sending you products we feel are safe for you, for us, and for our families. 

As with all of the items included in our snack boxes, we strongly recommend that you read the ingredient information carefully and make your best judgement on which items to consume. 

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