What's the difference between each box?

So many choices! How do I pick? 

Every month, our boxes will have the same theme. But here's an easy breakdown of what goes into each box--

Tasting box: Our original Tasting box will have 7+ all delicious individually packaged snacks. (Starting at $7.99/month) 

Deluxe box: Double the snacks, double the fun! Our Deluxe box will have 15+ individually packaged snacks. With this plan, you'll sometimes receive double the items (everything in the Tasting Box twice) as well as a few extra surprises!  (Starting at $16.50/month)
Gluten-free box: In our newest Gluten-free box there will be 10+ certified Gluten-free as well as naturally Gluten-free items. The items included in the box will be individually packaged snacks and may include snacks, ingredients, cooking mixes, beverages and more. (Starting at $19.99/month)

Visit our Snackbox page for a full breakdown of each plan. 

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