How to upgrade my plan from Tasting Monthly to Annual

Ready to upgrade from your Monthly Tasting box to our Annual Tasting box? We hope you're nodding your head to say yes. 

By upgrading to the Annual Tasting Box, you will create a different order number than your current subscription. Your Monthly Tasting box will be canceled automatically and you will receive a prorated refund for any remaining months on the plan. 

Steps to Upgrading your order from a Monthly Tasting Box to a Annual Tasting Box

  1. Log in to your Love with Food Account
  2. Click on My Account at the top right corner 
  3. Select Subscriptions from the drop down menu 
  4. Click on the red settings wheel
  5. Select Change Plan option
  6. Choose your new plan ( Tasting Monthly, 6 month, or Annual plan)
  7. Click Ok on the pop up to continue to the next page
  8. Done!
Note: customers who upgrade on the first of the month may receive both boxes for that month.

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